Try this at home

June 19, 2009



throw-in-ya-kitchen-sink thai stir fry.. I just sauteed (on high heat in a non stick pan) onion & garlic, some baby corn, tofu, julienned carrot, zucchini & chopped green onion,…hmmm..mushrooms and fresh sliced ginger, left over roast chicken breast, frozen raw shrimp (de veined & no tail) with a little coconut milk & spicy red curry paste. fast (got to be, after a 14 hr work day, who wants to cook for ages?) try different variations and if you dont like spicy, go for a mild curry, green perhaps.

If you like healthy choices, try this KAMUT UDON noodle, so good. alls I did was boil it up, drain & literally trickle 3 drops of sesame oil, sprinkle of black sesame and voila. a great medium to slurp up the sauce..