Lobster throw down

June 19, 2009

Oh, how I love these under water critters. For a bug they sure can be delicious & low fat (although high in cholesterol…) Seeing as its the season, why not go cwaaaaaazy?

Did em three ways, Lobster with Ginger & Scallions , Lobsta Roll with avocado aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, lobster salad. D-lish.

Lobster rolls:

take your fresh lobster pieces, gently mix them into your diced avocado, chopped celery, chopped onion (of ur choice) garlic powder, chilli powder, fresh lemon juice, light mayo (preferably home made) fresh cilantro, salt & pepper. eat alone or in a roll…so good…so easy. Substitute lobster for chicken, shrimp or grilled swordfish

Lobster salad:

fresh lobster, sliced fresh fennel (slice it thin & store it in ice water with lemon slices while you prep the rest of the salad, for best crunch & to keep the white colour…this veg will brown like an endive does when you cut it) dice red pepper, onion, salt, pepper, really good olive oil, a splash of vinegar (red wine or something better but not white) and finish off with dill. I dont love dill so I use coriander but dills the way to go.

Chinese style:

keep the shell on your lobsters this time, for fool proof results use a par-boiled lobster. chop them in pieces (the point is to ease access to lobster meat when eating). prep scallions (green onion) by rough chopping (cut each in about 3-4 pieces) slice ginger in nice big slivers & for 2 lobsters I go with 2 cloves of garlic, rough chopped again. in a bowl, put 1 egg white, 1 tbl spoon of corn starch, 1 teaspoon of soy & 1 teaspoon of water. combine well. toss lobster in this mix. heat wok (or pan) to med- high and put ya lobster in. toss a bit to cook the coatin, then add the ginger, scallions & garlic, toss continuously. when you like the colour…serve & eat!