fresh tuna tartare

June 1, 2009

tuna tartare with mango, avocado and sesame

tuna tartare with mango, avocado and sesame

Keep your board, knife and working area very clean (as always) but pay extra attention when working with raw fish. be gentle and work slowly and chop into sizes that you like. I enjoy small pieces. keep all chopped ingredients the same size for a good look and balanced bites. keep refrigerated when not plating and remember tartare is not ceviche, so any acids will cook the fish, and it will not taste good if its not fresh so make sure your fish is caught that day ! ask your fish dude and tweek recipe if tuna is not available…

add 1 part mango & avocado to 3 parts tuna .. sprinke with sesame seeds, chopped green onion. drizzle with good light olive oil, teeny 3-4 drops of sesame oil, a few dashes of soy, chopped cilantro if you like it (which i do) but go sparingly. gently mix it all up, season with fresh pepper and salt to taste (taste first) and serve on a rice cracker or chip of your choice.



May 22, 2009

Had the pleasure of  working with some friends, a smooth event, 50 ppl, important guests; cocktail dinatoire for cool peeps. Tiga’s new album ( press shindig, here in Montreal, at the awesome high end audio shop- “Coup de Foudre” (think home theaters that blow your mind ( ) ..

Just some tasty, honest food, with a lot of flavor…the right accompaniments to play with your palette.. from watermelon, feta & mint sticks, dusted with lime zest to no-fry honey garlic chicken wings with a kick of fresh red chili… chips in funky boxes and spiced nut mixes on silver platters. it was really fun . … The music and venue were kickin. My beautiful sister Chloe helped prep and serve .. she survived my craziness in the kitchen & kept the coolness in cool.

there was an italian vibe as undertone to most dishes, spicy italian sausages sitting in roasted red pepper coulis , pesto tuna sliders & tuna bamba bombs, fresh tomato, mozz & home pesto cups… italian cheese (only the best) & wine selection…

makes me hungry just looking at it again, thanks Chu & Jen for you’re help 🙂


you can make a quick tossed or plated salad with these ingredients but its fun to deconstruct it and make it bite size, especially when entertaining.. interesting, refreshing and light. the contrast of texture and flavor is a must try… (I’d use a more creamy less salty feta, like Bulgarian or double creme) its a good palette cleanser 🙂

shexy snackin’

April 13, 2009

an inviting apero

an inviting apero

who says we cant create fancy treats at home (that don’t cost) restaurant prices yet have the same lustrous appeal?

go down to your local fish stores and ask about their caviar choices. You’d be surprised to find that it doesn’t have to cost 100$ per gram to enjoy that little popping sensation. I’ve tested out a few and its really a personal preference as to what you prefer on the fishy scale, so go ahead and sample em up. make it a fun mini party over wine with friends. If you have the budget, get the good stuff!

Grab an original serving dish (look around your city for cool spots to buy in expensive and original serving dishes & things you can use to create serving platters with (i.e. slab of bamboo from china town) Then get your favorite organic multi grain bread, toasted if you like (which I do) and brush it with a little olive oil. drape your favorite smoked Salmon on each slice and cut on the diagonal to make triangles. (looks pwetty!) take the time to prop them up and add some fresh pepper. a dollop of the caviar and one of your fave cream cheese (or creme fraiche) mixed with chopped fresh chives on the side & a lemon wedge to garnish.