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May 23, 2009




May 22, 2009

Had the pleasure of  working with some friends, a smooth event, 50 ppl, important guests; cocktail dinatoire for cool peeps. Tiga’s new album ( http://www.tiga.ca/) press shindig, here in Montreal, at the awesome high end audio shop- “Coup de Foudre” (think home theaters that blow your mind ( http://www.cdfaudio.com ) ..

Just some tasty, honest food, with a lot of flavor…the right accompaniments to play with your palette.. from watermelon, feta & mint sticks, dusted with lime zest to no-fry honey garlic chicken wings with a kick of fresh red chili… chips in funky boxes and spiced nut mixes on silver platters. it was really fun . … The music and venue were kickin. My beautiful sister Chloe helped prep and serve .. she survived my craziness in the kitchen & kept the coolness in cool.

there was an italian vibe as undertone to most dishes, spicy italian sausages sitting in roasted red pepper coulis , pesto tuna sliders & tuna bamba bombs, fresh tomato, mozz & home pesto cups… italian cheese (only the best) & wine selection…

makes me hungry just looking at it again, thanks Chu & Jen for you’re help 🙂


you can make a quick tossed or plated salad with these ingredients but its fun to deconstruct it and make it bite size, especially when entertaining.. interesting, refreshing and light. the contrast of texture and flavor is a must try… (I’d use a more creamy less salty feta, like Bulgarian or double creme) its a good palette cleanser 🙂

kimchi kimchi kimchi

May 9, 2009

My  brother introduced me to Korean BBQ at his fave spot in Queens Ny, loved the experience. Its all good in the hood: the healthy, vegetarian stuff, like kimchi, or the cucumber salad the prepare almost the same way. There’s always a variety of little salads brought to the table, pre ordering, like fermented soy beans, spicy cabbage, crunchy sesame snow peas and little fried/dried fishies.  In Oz, I found a chill spot to pay it forward and show a close group of friends what my bro showed me. Foodie friends are fun, they try new things. Not only is the food delicious and light, but interactive cooking experiences always result in discussions about the food.  I found missing ingredients that I loved the most (from queens)  like the fresh sliced chillies and garlic that get cooked on the grill and added to the lettuce wraps; containing the freshly bbq’d (marinated) beef, chicken, calamari or what have you. They did have mushrooms and onions, but it wasn’t the same.. all in all, it was great. Montreal must have a good one…let me know if you have an address!

Kudos to Korean  BBQ, me likey.

oooh so fun

oooh so fun

I likey the museum… The annual EWO ball is an ongoing success and a must do in this city. Save the date nice and early and make sure to get your tickets on time cause they sell out fast!!

Flowing veuve cliquot champagne, delicious flavors of the city’s hottest restaurants served in the most original ways, beautiful and interesting people…excellent music…all in the name of charity…whats not to like!

arm tatt

Shabbat shaboopies. Lucky me, when my mom is in town, I get to feast my eyes ( & stomach) on a mouth watering palette of bright color and inspiration. traditional salads of many variety (some are residents-like salade cuite and anything eggplant, and some visit once in a while- like the wierd smokey creamy babaganoush that we all debate on everytime it comes for dinner) hot challah bread and always delicious grilled spicy peppers. Of coarse that is just the start..my mom then serves the fish (she often has more than one kind, to please everyone taste) and then comes the “piece de resistance” of the week: could be huge veal ribs in delicious gooey sweet/sour sauce, turkey (cant say how she makes it but its tender as ever), lamb with truffles (my personal fave) ..the list goes on. I love to eat my mom’s cooking, she’s the best and masters all the dishes she makes! She’s very inspiring and always tries new ingredients, tools, recipes from all the coolest places. she let me play around in the kitchen growing up so I was always watching and helping while she (seemingly) effortlessly whipped us up meals, healthy, colorful and always delicious, for our large family.. n wonder I never craved fast food, coz there was always awesome food at home.. thanks mom! Love you. happy mothers day. xx

slow food is a movement sweeping the nation that I personally love, I have always made an effort to keep it real. two nights ago I came home from COACHELLA music fest in palm springs. I barely had anything in the fridge, but since it was only a week, I had the basics; garlic,onion, a few lemons, box a cherry tomatos in the fridge. Freezer contained the usual popsicles, premium vodka and a couple of kosher rock hens I keep on hand for easy access.

My sis Melanie makes all her own baby food! Kudos… check out how easy it is. and how could you want to feed anything else to this (or your) little cutie??

Does your dad cook? Damn, mine sure does. He can make anything from the tastiest chopped salads to butter chicken, to israeli bourekkas and anything in between. My whole family cooks really, and we love to do it together. check out these pics, this fish is SO easy, I dont really need to write a recipe about it. You can make it with the flavors you want, and the fish you want (Chicken or shrimp would work well too) using a wok or pot, a bamboo steamer and an appetite.

for this variation: 1 whole fish (bass, striped bass, red snapper, anything that fits really) a handfull of green onions (whole), black bean paste and fresh corriander. Boil water in wok (make sure the bamboo doesnt touch the water when you place it over to steam your fish). Cook for about 20 minutes or so. Dont open it too much coz you’ll let out the steam 🙂

I really love to make the classics I watched my meme and parents prepare growing up. Taking the time to do the details are always worth it – things like roasting your own eggplant (the easiest thing to do in the world) to blanching tomatoes and roasting garlic before using it. Traditional recipes change from generation to generation, I see this in my family’s recipes from one house to the other. I think its a lot of fun to bring your personal stamp to a dish but if you love tradition & cooking, be sure to ask your elders what they enjoy or enjoyed cooking, and try to keep their legacy alive. honor their recipes by making them as close to the originals as possible, chances are you’ll enjoy and appreciate the simplicity. If you’re lucky the recipe will come with a story & nostalgia that you’ll taste in every bite will be worth the trouble, I know it is for me 🙂