Lobster throw down

June 19, 2009

Oh, how I love these under water critters. For a bug they sure can be delicious & low fat (although high in cholesterol…) Seeing as its the season, why not go cwaaaaaazy?

Did em three ways, Lobster with Ginger & Scallions , Lobsta Roll with avocado aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, lobster salad. D-lish.

Lobster rolls:

take your fresh lobster pieces, gently mix them into your diced avocado, chopped celery, chopped onion (of ur choice) garlic powder, chilli powder, fresh lemon juice, light mayo (preferably home made) fresh cilantro, salt & pepper. eat alone or in a roll…so good…so easy. Substitute lobster for chicken, shrimp or grilled swordfish

Lobster salad:

fresh lobster, sliced fresh fennel (slice it thin & store it in ice water with lemon slices while you prep the rest of the salad, for best crunch & to keep the white colour…this veg will brown like an endive does when you cut it) dice red pepper, onion, salt, pepper, really good olive oil, a splash of vinegar (red wine or something better but not white) and finish off with dill. I dont love dill so I use coriander but dills the way to go.

Chinese style:

keep the shell on your lobsters this time, for fool proof results use a par-boiled lobster. chop them in pieces (the point is to ease access to lobster meat when eating). prep scallions (green onion) by rough chopping (cut each in about 3-4 pieces) slice ginger in nice big slivers & for 2 lobsters I go with 2 cloves of garlic, rough chopped again. in a bowl, put 1 egg white, 1 tbl spoon of corn starch, 1 teaspoon of soy & 1 teaspoon of water. combine well. toss lobster in this mix. heat wok (or pan) to med- high and put ya lobster in. toss a bit to cook the coatin, then add the ginger, scallions & garlic, toss continuously. when you like the colour…serve & eat!


Try this at home

June 19, 2009



throw-in-ya-kitchen-sink thai stir fry.. I just sauteed (on high heat in a non stick pan) onion & garlic, some baby corn, tofu, julienned carrot, zucchini & chopped green onion,…hmmm..mushrooms and fresh sliced ginger, left over roast chicken breast, frozen raw shrimp (de veined & no tail) with a little coconut milk & spicy red curry paste. fast (got to be, after a 14 hr work day, who wants to cook for ages?) try different variations and if you dont like spicy, go for a mild curry, green perhaps.

If you like healthy choices, try this KAMUT UDON noodle, so good. alls I did was boil it up, drain & literally trickle 3 drops of sesame oil, sprinkle of black sesame and voila. a great medium to slurp up the sauce..

Lucille’s oyster dive

June 18, 2009

Great food, music & friends in a chill environment, off the beat & path. Not in Old Mtl or Griffin town, plateau or Outremont. This new neighborhoodly eatery at a cute locale on Monkland is refreshing and hits the spot in so many ways, any day of the week. When you get your “dirty dozen” ask for Bokhai’s cucumber & onion relish & for if u dare, ask for his hot sauce! ouch!

fresh tuna tartare

June 1, 2009

tuna tartare with mango, avocado and sesame

tuna tartare with mango, avocado and sesame

Keep your board, knife and working area very clean (as always) but pay extra attention when working with raw fish. be gentle and work slowly and chop into sizes that you like. I enjoy small pieces. keep all chopped ingredients the same size for a good look and balanced bites. keep refrigerated when not plating and remember tartare is not ceviche, so any acids will cook the fish, and it will not taste good if its not fresh so make sure your fish is caught that day ! ask your fish dude and tweek recipe if tuna is not available…

add 1 part mango & avocado to 3 parts tuna .. sprinke with sesame seeds, chopped green onion. drizzle with good light olive oil, teeny 3-4 drops of sesame oil, a few dashes of soy, chopped cilantro if you like it (which i do) but go sparingly. gently mix it all up, season with fresh pepper and salt to taste (taste first) and serve on a rice cracker or chip of your choice.

Grilled Haloumi cheese salad

A favorite any day of the week- use your favorite vegetables to make it the way you like..here’s how I like mine :

  • -chopped romaine or spinach
  • -grape tomatoes
  • -sliced avocado
  • -craisins & trail mix or tamari almonds lightly chopped
  • -haloumi cheese, sliced thin & drizzled with fresh lemon juice

place haloumi in non stick pan pre heated to med low, no need to put any oil coz cheese is naturally oilly and it’ll come out just enough to brown the cheese on each side. keep an eye on it and flip when its golden.

put your salad together, dress with olive oil & balsamic vinegar and any fresh herb that you have handy. (or your favorite dressing) salt, pepper & add cheese on top. Njoy 🙂

lamb chops 2



  1. minced garlic
  2. soy sauce
  3. minced ginger

Grab your fave olive oil, eyeball it- I go with about a table spoon of 1, 2 & 3 in a quarter cup of oil for 3-4 racks, Frenched and cut into single chops. you can let sit for 2 hours longer. shake up the container every now and then and make sure its in the fridge in an air tight container.

my best friend Kim W’s official new favorite condiment: My version of the Argentinian classic chimi churri:

  • a bunch of; coriander, flat leaf parsley, Italian parsley, basil
  • 1 red onion
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • splash of red wine vinegar
  • splash of lemon juice
  • pinch of: dry oregano, thyme, smoked paprika
  • 1/2 fresh jalapeno pepper (or to taste)

blend all in chopper and slowly add enough good olive oil to bind ingredients into a pesto style consistency- it should be a bit looser. vibrant, green and delicious. this can keep in the fridge for quite some time- so long as its always covered with olive oil and never contaminated with a dirty spoon (any other foods on it). delicious on fish, meat, as a pasta sauce, a dip… Enjoy 🙂


May 22, 2009

Had the pleasure of  working with some friends, a smooth event, 50 ppl, important guests; cocktail dinatoire for cool peeps. Tiga’s new album ( http://www.tiga.ca/) press shindig, here in Montreal, at the awesome high end audio shop- “Coup de Foudre” (think home theaters that blow your mind ( http://www.cdfaudio.com ) ..

Just some tasty, honest food, with a lot of flavor…the right accompaniments to play with your palette.. from watermelon, feta & mint sticks, dusted with lime zest to no-fry honey garlic chicken wings with a kick of fresh red chili… chips in funky boxes and spiced nut mixes on silver platters. it was really fun . … The music and venue were kickin. My beautiful sister Chloe helped prep and serve .. she survived my craziness in the kitchen & kept the coolness in cool.

there was an italian vibe as undertone to most dishes, spicy italian sausages sitting in roasted red pepper coulis , pesto tuna sliders & tuna bamba bombs, fresh tomato, mozz & home pesto cups… italian cheese (only the best) & wine selection…

makes me hungry just looking at it again, thanks Chu & Jen for you’re help 🙂


you can make a quick tossed or plated salad with these ingredients but its fun to deconstruct it and make it bite size, especially when entertaining.. interesting, refreshing and light. the contrast of texture and flavor is a must try… (I’d use a more creamy less salty feta, like Bulgarian or double creme) its a good palette cleanser 🙂

kimchi kimchi kimchi

May 9, 2009

My  brother introduced me to Korean BBQ at his fave spot in Queens Ny, loved the experience. Its all good in the hood: the healthy, vegetarian stuff, like kimchi, or the cucumber salad the prepare almost the same way. There’s always a variety of little salads brought to the table, pre ordering, like fermented soy beans, spicy cabbage, crunchy sesame snow peas and little fried/dried fishies.  In Oz, I found a chill spot to pay it forward and show a close group of friends what my bro showed me. Foodie friends are fun, they try new things. Not only is the food delicious and light, but interactive cooking experiences always result in discussions about the food.  I found missing ingredients that I loved the most (from queens)  like the fresh sliced chillies and garlic that get cooked on the grill and added to the lettuce wraps; containing the freshly bbq’d (marinated) beef, chicken, calamari or what have you. They did have mushrooms and onions, but it wasn’t the same.. all in all, it was great. Montreal must have a good one…let me know if you have an address!

Kudos to Korean  BBQ, me likey.

oooh so fun

oooh so fun

I likey the museum… The annual EWO ball is an ongoing success and a must do in this city. Save the date nice and early and make sure to get your tickets on time cause they sell out fast!!

Flowing veuve cliquot champagne, delicious flavors of the city’s hottest restaurants served in the most original ways, beautiful and interesting people…excellent music…all in the name of charity…whats not to like!

arm tatt