from the age of 6 when E-Z bake ovens were stacked in her room, Kimberly tries to embody the art and fashion of cooking with her passion for food and love of feeding people. Striving to one day hit the media, she writes recipes, menus and cocktails. From watching her grand mother, and mother at a young age, she loves preparing traditional fare with a modern twist. Currently entertaining her friends and catering clients while donning innovative cuisine and anything their hearts desire, she is your Real Foodie. With 9 years of restaurant experience, known to be a hostess and somewhat of a comedic cook, she creates sultry dishes while using a colorful palette. Addicts to her cuisine ask her for a meal flight… a lunch… a snack… a doggie bag… a recipe to impress their guests, whatever they can get. Kimberly cooks from her heart, and hopes that you will remember her food and enjoy her delish dishes.

Boooooooooooo Yaaaaaaaaaah!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. A said

    Nice recipes.
    Whats the name of your blog ? I want to try the fish ! looks delish !
    Nice one !

  2. Thumbs up on the cooking for Raymark. You rock!

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