Lucille’s oyster dive

June 18, 2009

Great food, music & friends in a chill environment, off the beat & path. Not in Old Mtl or Griffin town, plateau or Outremont. This new neighborhoodly eatery at a cute locale on Monkland is refreshing and hits the spot in so many ways, any day of the week. When you get your “dirty dozen” ask for Bokhai’s cucumber & onion relish & for if u dare, ask for his hot sauce! ouch!


6 Responses to “Lucille’s oyster dive”

  1. joey said

    oh nice….greasy spoon group right? sounded like an awesome idea. glad you got to enjoy.

  2. S Lloyd said

    Cool photos. I love seafood and I am looking forward to give this try

  3. S Lloyd said

    Question: How much was the lobster? Do they serve it grilled?

  4. S Lloyd said

    Thanks for the recommendation of Lucille’s Oyster Dive. I went there this Friday May 14th 2010, and was truely seduced by super fresh seafood so fresh that (I thought we were on the waterfront!) and a charming service + location.
    Even did a blog review on this stunning dinner there:

  5. lablues said

    Sorry for the realllly late response, yes I saw your blog post- excellent, detailed great pics. You sold me on it lol
    I went back a few times and have many a pics to upload & new posts.. but I am putting a new biz together, so its all pilling up and will have to wait till mid-end summer..
    I’ll make sure to let you know when I open so you can do a review on me!!

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