kimchi kimchi kimchi

May 9, 2009

My  brother introduced me to Korean BBQ at his fave spot in Queens Ny, loved the experience. Its all good in the hood: the healthy, vegetarian stuff, like kimchi, or the cucumber salad the prepare almost the same way. There’s always a variety of little salads brought to the table, pre ordering, like fermented soy beans, spicy cabbage, crunchy sesame snow peas and little fried/dried fishies.  In Oz, I found a chill spot to pay it forward and show a close group of friends what my bro showed me. Foodie friends are fun, they try new things. Not only is the food delicious and light, but interactive cooking experiences always result in discussions about the food.  I found missing ingredients that I loved the most (from queens)  like the fresh sliced chillies and garlic that get cooked on the grill and added to the lettuce wraps; containing the freshly bbq’d (marinated) beef, chicken, calamari or what have you. They did have mushrooms and onions, but it wasn’t the same.. all in all, it was great. Montreal must have a good one…let me know if you have an address!

Kudos to Korean  BBQ, me likey.


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